Geoflex Systems

Why Geoflex?

Geoflex is a North American manufacturer of Geothermal Heat Pumps, Indoor Pool Dehumidifiers, Ice Rink Low Temperature Dehumidifiers, Restoration Dehumidifiers, Dehumidification Systems, Chiller and Specialty, Vertical Stack Heat Pumps and PTAC Heat Pumps and other Energy Transfer, Heating, Cooling Systems for Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Applications. Geoflex management have been proudly manufacturing a wide variety of heating cooling equipment for well over 20 years and have developed the products and credibility track record to offer unsurpassed advice and equipment to quality minded dealers/installers/engineers/architects. Geoflex can and commonly do manufacture a product that would be designed to exactly fit your application. Research and Development is not new to Geoflex, as they not only manufacture but actually develop technologies/products that can be commonly found in Residential, Commercial or Industrial Applications. Geoflex commonly works with Geothermal Heat Pump / HVAC Dealer / Installers, Architects, Engineers or Land Developers and in some cases with Building Owners within a retrofit or new construction application. Geoflex will assist you with your "Geothermal Heat Pump, Dehumidification for Indoor Pool or Chiller, Ice Making Project" starting at the research / design and all the way through to installation, commissioning and completion stage. Geoflex offers trouble shooting services to quality minded contractors and building owners.

All Geoflex Systems are “fully run tested”, prior to shipping! The Geoflex advanced line of Residential and Commercial Geothermal Heat Pumps have been 3rd party sample tested by ETL, as a part of the ARI certification program. Geoflex Geothermal products are rated in accordance with ISO 13256-1.

Geoflex will work with you...

Geoflex commonly works with HVAC, Geothermal installing contractors, Residential or Commercial Building Owners, Owner-Contractors, Geothermal Heat Pumps / HVAC Dealer / Installers, Architects, Engineers or Land Developers, within a Geothermal retrofit or new construction application. As the proliferation of Geothermal technologies are bringing many new dealers to the market in record numbers, Geoflex has developed a “Progressive Quality Control Structure”, designed to assist in making sure that each installation is of the highest quality. Geoflex has a mandate is to assist you with your Geothermal starting at the research/design and all the way through to installation, commissioning and completion stage. Geoflex manufactures the highest efficiency ratings into every unit that they make. On board diagnostics are paramount to making sure that each Geoflex system can be diagnosed from a far with nothing more that a person on site and a telephone.