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Geoflex manufactures a Multi-flex modularized “water to water” chilling system that can be used to chill water or to even make ice, if required. With a reversing option, an open water source, geothermal or in building closed loop, the same system, can also heat water. Ice making capabilities for ice rinks or ice storage can be more efficiently developed, if a use for the process heat can be utilized. For example, progressive designers or building owners will make ice for the ice rink and use the normally wasted process heat to heat the change rooms, ice apron, ice melt pit, even the swimming pool nextin the same community center and/or other heating opportunities simultaneously. Energy saving potential depends on operating conditions, design variables, space constraints, objectives and options choosen by the building owner.  As Chilling loads range from 100 percent during the summer to as low as 10 percent in the winter, optimizing the energy-efficient operation of a chiller "system" requires that the chiller plant be modularized for operational staging and the plant operation will be matched to the chilling load.

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    3 Ph., 10 to Infinite Tonnage Systems
    120 to 450 Inclusive
    120, 140, 180, 210, 450

  • Geoflex Chillers are gangable and stackable to offer any size or staging that may be required.
  • The stackabilty can also drammatically reduce the mechanical room space required.
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Geoflex will and commonly does work directly with you and/or your agent to design a custom solution that will exactly match your energy efficiency needs. As technology outpaces existing staple products, Geoflex is committed to maintaining a leading edge position by working with quality minded clients who are interested in the highest efficiency, top notch products. Please contact the factory for further details.

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Modularized sizes…
As Geoflex larger capacity “water to water” chillers are modular and are available in multiple tonnages, they can be combined to obtain specific differing high and low capacity requirements, throughout the year. The individual modularized sizes are 10, 12, 15, 17.5, 37.5 ton. If you need to conserve on mechanical floor space, the Geoflex Systems is the best choice as the modularized design allows the units to be stacked or ganged, depending on the mechanical room allocation and configuration. The modular design also accommodates future expansions by allowing modules to be added in stages accommodating increasing cooling requirements.

Simultaneous heating and cooling opportunities…
Geoflex Multi-flex Chillers utilize the scroll compressor technologies.  Since the system uses water on both sides, the opportunities for simultaneous heating and cooling is an obvious advantage over many other systems. The process heat created from the chilling or Ice making process can be used for a myriad of heat rejecting opportunities.

Using your chiller plant as your central heating and cooling system …
In many cases with forward thinking design the same chilling plant can be used to heat and cool the building and offering unparalleled efficiency by incorporating a geothermal loop. Since the system uses water on both sides as the transfer medium, the opportunities for simultaneous heating and cooling are an obvious advantage over many other systems, not to mention using the same system as your hydronic heating and cooling plant for the building.

Size does matter…
The units are designed in such a way as to fit through a standard doorway and can normally be taken up in a standard elevator one at a time, then stacked on site. This will avoid the need for cranes and the need to rip out walls to retro-fit or originally install system.

Load matching…
As Geoflex Chiller Systems are modularized and there are various sizes available, it allows for absolute load matching with the chiller plant. For example, if a 12 where stacked on a 15 ton, the controls can be set up in such a way as to offer two stages, yet 3 capacities for optimal operating efficiencies.

Built in redundancy…
By using the modularized approach, redundancy is essentially built in to the complete system. For example, if you had a 100 ton chiller system, 5 X 20 units, you could easily do maintenance or work on one without affecting the rest of the load. The water lines would be plumbed in a parallel fashion to a header, accomplishing operational isolation. Module isolation, offers true operational redundancy to ensure uninterrupted operation.

Geothermal Linking Opportunity…
If a ground loop is available in the building the same unit can be used as a Geothermal heat pump, as the systems are a designed as extended range units.

Variable temperature profiles…
In some cases varying the output temperatures can be important to the loading characteristics of a given project. With the modularized system, varying temperatures can be easily accommodated with appropriate valving.

Manoeuvrable Advantages
Geoflex “water to water” modules come with fork points to allow for easy manoeuvrability with standard forklifts or pallet jacks.

Reliability Advantages
Proven scroll compressor technology provides reliable, efficient, and quiet operation. On water to water systems, the use of highly efficient stainless steel brazed plate heat exchangers provides maximum performance at both full-load and part-load conditions.

Quick Filter/Strainer Service
Geoflex Chillers come with or without the addition of an optional strainer or filter, which would be located at the back of the system,  allowing for quick and easy service maintenance of such components.