Design Tool

Thank you for choosing the Geoflex "Project Design Tool" form, to help you design the perfect Geothermal or Dehumidification (or both) system for your project.

The design tool have been designed to help you understand and assess all the variables attached to the design of your project.

Geoflex proudly offers many types of Geothermal and Dehumidification Systems with virtually any possible configurations that may be adapted for any residential, commercial or industrial application.

Geoflex offers competitive pricing but in order to provide the best technical advice and equipment selection, it is important to have the questions below answered, as thoroughly as possible. After our technical department has diagnosed your specific needs, we will provide a quote and if requested, contact you regarding your project.

If there are questions with more than one correct answer please, hold down the control key and select all answers that apply. Please note: You only need fill out the sections that apply to your specific project.

Geoflex looks forward to assessing your needs and working with you on your project.

5 Steps to Design Your Own Project

  • General Information
  • Project Information
  • Open Loop Information, if applicable
  • Closed Loop Information, if applicable
  • Indoor Pool Information, if applicable

Geoflex will assist in your installation from inception to the end. However, you should note that many variables need to be assessed to get started and to manage your project, as follows:

Geoflex Project Criteria

Project Design Tool Form