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Geoflex can manufacture exactly what need...

Whether you require a water to air (forced air heating and cooling), water to water (hydronic heating or chilling) or both within one unit, Geoflex can answer your need. As a North American manufacturer of Geothermal Heat Pumps, we can adapt to an exact match within virtually any configuration that you may require. Geoflex offers trouble shooting services and technical support with units that have already been installed.

In the hopes of empowering you with knowledge in regards to Geothermal Products, we have created a Geothermal General Tutorial page for your convenience, please click to veiw Geoflex Geothermal Tutorial

Geoflex is proudly Energy Star & AHRI Certified for third party verification and certification on it's advanced line of Residential and Commercial Geothermal Heat Pumps.
ARI Certification Marking
Energy Star

Speciality OEM Products

  • PTAC

  • Vertical Stacked Units

  • Specialty Air Handler

  • Geoflex can and commonly does manufacture an exact, customer specified replica for replacment projects, to avoid costly renovations to commercial buildings. As this product group is part of the "build to order, semi-custom program", please contact factory for further details.

Commercial Chillers & Ice Making Systems

  • An Ice making chiller is similar to a strandard chiller except that in some cases, ice making, Geoflex will recommend aniother type of freon to attain the lower temperatures and in other case, Ice Storage a base model chiller will handle the load. See specifications. As ice making projects are considered specialty applications, please contact the factory for further details.

Industrial Chiller

OEM & Specialty Chillers & Make-up Air Systems

  • Geoflex will and commonly does work directly with you and/or your agent to design a custom solution that will exactly match your energy efficiency needs. As technology outpaces existing staple products, Geoflex is committed to maintaining a leading edge position by working with quality minded clients who are interested in the highest efficiency, top notch products. Althought there are standard sizes, air handlers are commonly built to order. As this product group is part of the "build to order, semi-custom program", please contact factory for further details.

Ask about our Building Owner/Engineering Program

Geoflex Assistance from Inception, Design through to Completetion...

Geoflex commonly works with Residential or Commercial Building Owners, Owner-Contractors, Geothermal Heat Pumps / HVAC Dealer / Installers, Architects, Engineers or Land Developers, within a Geothermal retrofit or new construction application. As OEM projects can pose technical challenges, Geoflex commonly assists with your "Geothermal Heat Pump installation, starting at the research / design and all the way through to installation, commissioning and completion stage. Whether it be a standard installation or a unique OEM product, Geoflex offers a Progressive Quality Control Structure which is designed to allow any stakeholder the ability to guarantee a quality installation, whether it be a manager, installing dealer or building owner/contractor.