Geoflex Systems

If you have a Geoflex System and are seeking further installation information, please refer to our Geoflex Manual for Detailed Technical Information.

To empower you, the Geoflex Geothermal Tutorial has been designed to offer general information on a myriad of Geothermal Heat Pump System topics.

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Geoflex strives to ensure all the technical information is available to you in respect to the designing and installation of your geothermal heat pump system. If our Geoflex Web Site cannot provide the answer your looking for, please call us to speak live to a Technical Representative. Our Geoflex Manual is designed to be Resourceful & Comprehensive as well as, easy to read.

Properly designing and installing a geothermal or water-source heat-pump system for a commercial, industrial or institutional facility requires state-of-the-art equipment and people who are experts in their fields. We will help you with the resources we have available to ensure a professionally designed and installed Geoflex system.

Geoflex Product Specifications and Installation Illustrations are listed as below....

System Type

Configuration 1

Configurtion 2

• Geothermal, Water to Air, Two Stage 026 to 072


• Geothermal, Water to Air, Single Stage 022 to 070

Top Discharge
Down Discharge

• Geothermal, Water to Water, Two Stage 026 to 072

• Geothermal, Water to Water, Single Stage 022 to 070

• Geothermal & Chiller, Water to Water, 120 to 450, inclusive

• Geothermal & Chiller, Water to Water Industrial 120 to 450, individual

• Geothermal & Dual Fuel Hydrid, General Ducting, , Forced Air Systems

Vertical Top Discharge

Vertical Bottom Discharge
• Dehumidification, General Ducting, Forced Air Systems Vertical Bottom Discharge
• Geothermal Typical Water to Air, Quad  
• Geothermal Typical Water to Water  
• Geothermal Typical Commercial  
• Dehumidification Typical System  
• Geothermal, Open Well Install Diagram  
• Geothermal, Vertical Loop Typical Diagram

typical vertical loop

• Hybrid - Dual Fuel & Passive Output Specifications

Output Specifications