Dehumidification Systems

Geoflex proudly manufactures for the USA, Canadian and world markets, self-contained, low temperature, ice rink and higher temperature indoor pool dehumidifier or indoor pool dehumidification systems for residential, commercial and industrial uses.
Geoflex, Horizontal Water to Air & Air to Water, Geothermal Linked Dehumidification System Dehumidifier / Dehumidification Systems are commonly used for drying of air in high and low temperature applications.

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Geothermal Heat Pumps

Geoflex commonly works with HVAC, Geothermal installing contractors, Building Owners, Owner-Contractors, Geothermal Heat Pumps / HVAC Dealer / Installers, Architects, Engineers or Land Developers, within a Geothermal retrofit, new construction, residential, commercial, industrial or institutional application. In the hopes of empowering you with knowledge in regards to Geothermal Products, we have created a Geothermal General Tutorial page for your convenience.

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Chiller & Make up Air Systems

Modularized, Water to Water, Heating or Chiller Systems for Larger buildingsl
Modularized, Water to Water Systems c/w hydronic air handling capabilities to incorporate within a Make-up Air Systems, retro-fit or new application.
As Geoflex manufactures a, Multi-flex modularized “water to water” chilling system that can be used to chill water or to even make ice, if required. The same system can be used to retro-fit and existing make up air system to heat or cool the incoming air according to requirement.

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Why Geoflex

Geoflex can, and commonly do, manufacture a product that would be designed to exactly fit your specific application. Research and Development is not new to Geoflex, as we not only manufacture but actually develop technologies/products that can be commonly used in Residential, Commercial or Industrial Applications. Geoflex commonly works with Geothermal Heat Pump / HVAC Dealer / Installers, Architects, Engineers or Land Developers, and in some cases with Building Owners within a retrofit or new construction application. Geoflex will assist you with your:Geothermal Heat Pump, Dehumidification for Indoor Pool, Chiller, or Ice Making Project. Starting at the research / design and all the way through to installation, commissioning and completion stage. Geoflex offers trouble shooting services to quality minded contractors & building owners.

Specialty OEM Products

Geoflex will manufacture an exact Heat Pump, Air Handler or Heat Pump Chassis replica for replacement to avoid costly renovations to commercial buildings. As these product groups are part of the "build to order, semi-custom program"


Geoflex generally manufactures PTAC or through the wall replacement modules


Vertical Stacked Units

Geoflex manufacures Vertical Stack Heat Pumps to specification, in most cases on multi-purpose commercial projects, as specified.


Specialty Air Handlers

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Heat Pump Rebuilding Services

Geoflex offers a rebuilding service for any heat pump to avoid the cost of revamping of the system.

Specialty HVAC Solutions, Rebuild, Replacement Products

Although Geoflex offers a very broad product range, in some cases, Geoflex will rebuild, refurbish, restore or replacement manufacture precisely what you need.

Over the years many customers have come to the Geoflex technical management team, seeking a reasonable solution to costly upgrades. With these conversations, whether it be a Geothermal Heat Pump, PTAC, Vertical Stack, Dehumidification or Chiller System, it has become clear that repairing, rebuilding, refurbishing, restoration, updating and in some cases replica building services were required in the HVAC industry. It is common for a building owner to be forced to change all of the HVAC modules or pieces thereof because the product that they have is outdated and or in some cases the original manufacturing company is out of business. It is also common for a building owner to be forced to modify/renovate the space that houses the heat pump, as a replacement is purchased. As an alternative to such costly building changes/renovations, Geoflex can build an exact replica of the exiting system, which commonly slides into the same pre-designed space.

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