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Offering a unique new age store for professionals and you! We’re just as charming as the Village we reside in. Located just south of the Library at 169 Wortley Road, London ON.

With our professional lines of supplements, aromatherapy aids, gemstones and crystals, you’ll evoke positive energy inside your home and body.

Our Holistic services range from acupuncture to reiki, HydraFacials and more! Check out our full services menu .

We host seasonal workshops for the community in our beautiful courtyard and gardens. From soap making to yoga, check out our calendar to get involved!

Our Services


The Canadian Institute of Alternative Medicine specializes in the practice and/or teaching of Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Facial Rejuvenation, Tuning Forks, Magnetic Therapies, Core Cleanse, Stop Addictions, Cupping, Acupressure, Healing Touch, Cranial Sacral, Ear Candling, Holistic Nutrition, Spa Therapies, Energy Work, Reflexology, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Esoteric subjects and other holistic health modalities.

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Alternative Medicine Clinic

Alternative Medicine Clinic
Natural Health Treatments and Consultations
Natural Medicine Is a holistic approach considering an individual's genetic makeup, body type and organ functionality to prevent and treat illness. For centuries, practitioners of natural and integrative medicine have studied and used non-toxic herbs from around the world because of their medicinal properties and minimal side effects.

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Skin & Spa Treatments

This unique approach to skin care was pioneered and based on the no-nonsense idea that clients want to experience great skin and 'results' in their treatments. Esthederm's important concepts that satisfy our requirements for holistic skin care include the fact that they do not use: mineral oils, lanolin or artificial colours in any of their products. However, they do use natural vegetable oils, aromatic essential oils and natural colourings.

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Retail Store

Browse our large selection of products and services.
Aromatherapy, aromatherapy supplies, diffusers, salt lamps and therapies, esthetic supplies, candles, massage tools, reflexology tools, perfume kits, fragrance oils, colouring and flavourings, bottles, vials, droppers, pendulums, jewelry, copper and magnets, crystals, DVD's, videos, audio tapes, books,native work, meditation aids, skin & bath care, maternity and baby care, Kama Sutra, Esthederm, Buddhas, statues, singing bowls, crystal bowls, fountains, friendship balls, crystal balls, stained glass, beeswax items, ear candles, nebulizers, herbs, tinctures, incense, tingsha bells, smudges, incense, feng shui supplies, henna supplies, natural pet supplies, seasonal gifts, professional nutritional supplements and vitamins.
Dispensary for Genestra, Gemmotherapy, BioMed, Pascoe, Metagenics, Gammadyne, Pleos, Douglas Lab, BioClinics, Organic Therapies, Heel, Homeopathic, Supplements and other Remedies.
And so much more!
Also offering a professional dispensary for Nutraceuticals.

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Clinic Treatments & Services

In addition to recommendations on lifestyle, diet and exercise, our therapists utilize numerous therapeutic tools to promote health and treat disease. Through an evaluation of the core systems of the body and an understanding of how these may become imbalanced, our therapists and practitioners offer individualized treatment plans. Our goal is to restore balance, correct deficiencies and strengthen organ functions. The practice of natural and alternative medicine is ever changing and at the CIAM, we use existing and emerging technologies in both diagnostics and treatments. We follow the latest research and constantly update our methods as new scientifically based therapies and tests become available. For a list of conditions that commonly benefit from Alternative Medicine, please click here.

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We now host "The Village Dispensary." We provide "Game Changer" a no-THC CBD oil, medical marijuana and edible delights for your pain relief. Check out our FB page https://www.facebook.com/thevillagedispensary/
The Village Dispensary is a part of our business to help clients with pain relief and chronic health issues.
CBD oil in different forms is sold on our store floor. There is a myriad of health benefits that we can discuss with customers.
CBD oils to help with cancers, inflammation and pain, We sell flower strains and edibles!

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Why Choose Us

Our mission at Heaven Scent is to support you in your journey toward health, happiness, and wholeness, and to provide a safe space for that transformation to unfold. Our commitment is to honor you and your choices, and to provide guidance, education, and skills to support your goals so that you can experience your optimum health and highest personal potential.
We offer an amazing line of:

Crystals & Gems

We carry one of the largest retail selections of crystals in S-W Ontario different rough cuts, a myriad of polished stones, crystal clusters and balls, points, jewelry, lazers, wands, chakra kits, agate slabs, trinket boxes, geods, specialty pieces and more.


Skin Care

Everything from custom blended to kits for different skin types. 100% Synthetic free and made right here in our kitchen. Safe for every skin type. Soaps, cleaners, masks, scrubs, grains, toners, clays, moisturizers and skin serums.
Heaven Scent specialty line - in-house creations of creams, lotions, milk baths, scrubs and body washes in five scents. Can be made into gift baskets
Esthederm - complete line of Esthederm retail products including the newest additions. We can use all the esthederm now in spa & esthetic treatments offered
Body Care - Several lines of amazing smells, perfect for all types of skin. Lotions, creams, oils, powders etc. Custom blending can be done on site.
We offer a variety of : Soap Making Kits, Lip Balm Making Kits, Bath Bomb Making Kits

NewAge (1).jpg

New Age

100% botanical incense, singing bowls, crystal bowls, smudge, pots, shells, charcoal, witches balls, feathers. spirit strands, meditation tools, Feng Shui supplies, Wicca, runes, casting stones, pendulums and dowsing rods.
Salt Lamps - Several sizes and types of Salt Lamps, crushed salt in bags and chunks of salt.
Candles - 100% natural ad organic; locally made soya based votives, jar and tea lights
New Age Art - selection of heavy original art pieces depicting angels, cherubs, pegasus and moon/sun. Beautiful, one of a kind pieces
Eastern Cultures - Buddha statues of many sizes and materials, tingsha bells, goddes statues and more.


Professional Supplements

Three professional lines including Unda, Helios and Scheuler

Heel Professional Line of homeopathic remedies
Metagenics - full professional line of supplements and life style products
Bio Med - professional line of supplements and remedies
Douglas - professional line of supplements and remedies
Sanum - Pleomorphic remedies used with darkfield and as stand alone remedies
Flower Essences - Dr Bach, Dr. Bailey and English Flower Remedies for any emotional issue in pets or people
Genestra - complete line available of professional vitamins and herbal supplements. Capsules, pills and liquid available.
Unda - complete line of these professional homeopathics.
Gemmotherapies - a complete line of biotherapeutic remedies
Tissues Salts


Essential Oils

pure, natural and over 138 different essential oils to choose from.

Bases & Carriers - the starting point for therapists to create lotions, creams, bath products and massage oils.
Bottles & Containers - starting at perfume vials and going up to litre sizes. Plastic and glass bottles to suit many requirements. Containers and jars in different shapes and sizing.


Gifts & Other Items

Many natural gifts for that special someone starting at $2.00. Angels, fairies, garden decor, home decor and more. Natural Pet Care- 100% organic. We carry soaps, treats, blankets, toys and pet gifts.Maternity and Baby Lines - Featuring all natural and safe for delicate skin. Creams, lotions, belly jelly, diaper rash creams and gels, teething oil, tummy rubs Kama Sutra - Complete line and excellent prices on this popular line. Diffusers, atomizers, nebulizers - electric or candles. Lights rings, plug in balls and car diffusers. A large selection that we are sure will suit your needs.Books, Videos, DVD's, CD's

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