Sales is the Fuel, Management is the Driver


An information system, an accounting system, an inventory system, an emailing system along with a versatile CMS web site and a shopping cart. It is the best ERP software for any size of business.

There are many products out there, but we believe nothing offers a business system with a 'All-in-One' solution for your business.

The entire BIZNEZ system runs on scale-able and load-balancing and high availability technology. So as yourbusiness grows, with our unlimited cloud space and flexible technology, YOU don't have to worry about space!

ERP That Works for You

Since 1989 our main focus is to build businesses and to build IT/technology systems for businesses of all sizes.

The biggest challenge for start-ups and businesses comes from within.

Due to the limited resources available, they tend to be overwhelmed with the number of tools required to run a business efficiently and to keep accounting/record keeping to a minimum, or have none at all, at most times.

BES works with you and for you, so that you have all the tools necessary to run your business efficiently

New Featured Content

Montessori Student Management System

A single platform that provides access to a detailed view of every student record, to manage their various needs and to keep track of their information.

Digital Media Display

The digital media system integrates with your BES ERP system and comes with many features, including: Complete Package Solution, Wi-Fi Connection, LAN Connection, 24/7 Usage, Multi-Screen Synchronization, Advanced Scheduling Software, Portrait or Landscape Orientation, Scrolling Text/RSS Feed, Eco Friendly Power Timer, Cloud Based Software, and Lifetime Technical Support.